District/Unit - Final or Semi Final

Sanction is due prior to June 1st. If flights are not held simultaneously, a separate form is required for each segment.

 Session #1Session #2Session#3Session#4

1. Indicate below in the proper column of the first three columns whether this sanction is for a District Final, a District Semi-final or a Unit Final and mark with an "X" in the flights being held.
2. Indicate in fourth column with a "Y" or a ""N" if this is or is not a multi-sited event. FILL OUT A SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH SITE IF IT IS MULTI-SITED.
3. If any flights are to be stratified tell us how (i.e. A&B stratified, C separate or A separate, B&C stratified).

 District FinalDistrict Semi
Unit FinalMulti-Site
(Y or N)
Open Flight
Flight A
Flight B
Flight C

An ACBL tournament director is required for the District Finals. Please indicate your choice.

NOTE: Only district or unit coordinators may utilize this online form!

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