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ZapTel offers many products for bulk purchase as electronic PINs. Some products are optionally available as physical cards.

The volume discounts off the prices quoted in the ZapTel store are listed below.

Virtual PINs with Email Delivery
$300 to $499 retail order, 5%
$500 to $999 retail order, 8%
$1,000 to $1999 retail order, 10%
$2,000 or more retail order, contact ZapTel

Physical Card Custom Order with Shipping
$300 to $499 retail order, 3%, USPS Priority Mail Shipping $5
$500 to $999 retail order, 6%, USPS Priority Mail Shipping $5
$1,000 to $1999 retail order, 8%, USPS Priority Mail Shipping $10
$2,000 or more retail order with USPS Priority Mail Shipping, contact ZapTel

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