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Oversized Load Permit Application
If your load exceeds any of the following limits, you are required to obtain an oversize load permit from Thurston County Public Works prior to entering our roadway system. 
Width: 8'5"
Height: 14'
Length: 120'
If your GVW exceeds 199,999lbs you are required to obtain a SUPERLOAD PERMIT. Contact us at 360 545-2668 during business hours.
PLEASE NOTE: If your GVW exceeds 105,500 lbs, you must come to a complete stop prior to crossing any Thurston County bridge.

Hauler / Company Information

IMPORTANT: R.C.W. 46.44.110 requires that the permittee shall be responsible for all damages to any public highway, bridge, or elevated structure resulting from the movement of equipment authorized by this permit. The permittee shall further hold blameless and harmless and indemnify the County, its officers, agents and employees against any accident, loss, injury action and the cost thereof rising from the conduct or operation of the permittee in connection with this permit.