Thanks for visiting the Vendor Application.  If your are a vendor that loves what you do and loves servicnt people, we would love to meet you!
Our vendor network is made up of vendors of all sizes, providing all different types of maintenance, repair, and other services.  We work with both large national vendors as well as small or local companies.
We are a 5-Star rated company that values service and quality at a fair price.
We seek the following:
- Quality of work and craftsmanship
- Fair and transparent market pricing
- Timeliness of communication and service
- Licensing & insurance

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Please click HERE to complete a w-9 form or upload a copy below.

Send the infomation below to your insurance company and have RPM named as "Additional Insured":
d/b/a/ Real Property Management Viking
33 10th Ave S, Ste 100
Hopkins, MN 55343
Minimum $1,000,000 General Liability
Workmans Compensation


Our standard payment cycle is for payment every 10th of the Month, and weekly thereafter on Thursdays.  Our payment platform is AvidExchange


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By participating in the Preferred Vendor Program, we will include you in our Vendor Benefits
1) You will received the first call for the type of services or materials for which you provide which increases your sales.
2) We will process invoices immediately upon receipt of a complete invoice and make payment within 10 days which increases your cash flow. 
3) You will receive a google review quarterly to increase your ranking.
4) You will be invited to our Vendor Appreciation events.
5) Your company will be featured in our Annual Preventative Maintenance program
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Vendor Acknowledgement

Vendor agrees to hold RPMV harmless and to indemnify RPMV, any Affiliate, all holders of a legal or beneficial interest in RPMV, and all officers, directors, executives, manager, member, partners, owners, employees, agents, successors, and assigns from and against all losses, damages, fines, cost, expenses or liability (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and all other costs of litigation) incurred in connection with any action, suit, demand, claim, investigation, or proceeding, or any settlement thereof, which arises from or is based upon Vendor’s (a) any work performed, the right of which to perform was granted by these Terms; (b) acts, errors or omissions committed or incurred in connections with services performed under these Terms, including any negligent or intentional acts; (c) violation breach or asserted violation or breach of any law, regulation or rule; (d) breach of any representation, warrant, covenant, or provision of these Terms, or any other agreement between Vendor and RPMV (or an Affiliate). These obligations shall survive the termination of these Terms and any work order.
By signing this document, Vendor agrees to the terms and the information above is correct and that Vendor has received the RPMV Vendor Manual.
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