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Thank you for selecting REAL Property Management for managing your real estate investments. The following information will assist in the proper management of your property and avoid misunderstandings. We appreciate you taking 15 minutes to complete this profile.
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Property Details

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HOA Approval Required to Rent? *
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Does your HOA/Association require a lease addendum or have a leasing packet that is required for rentals? *

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Rental Information

General Rental Information
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Since snow removal is included in rent, who shall contract for Snow Removal? *
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Unit Details

Unit 1 (Primary Unt or Owner Occupied Unit)
UNIT 1: What is the current occupancy status? *
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Unit 2 
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Unit 3 
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Unit 4 
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Utilities and Service Providers

Who is responsible for Lawn Mowing? *
Who is responsible for Snow Removal (plow and shovel)? *
Who is responsible for managing the pool/spa services? *
Who is responsible for managing the Irrigation Start/Stop Services? *
Does Landlord want RPM to arrange for lawn weed control and fertilizing? *
Does Landlord want RPM to arrange for preventative pest control? *
Are there any onsite utilities? *
Landlord instructs RPM to process city utility bills for Water, Sewer, and/or Trash *


$1,000/$2000 (depending on your plan) extra pet protection (for animals we approve) is already included with your monthly management services, in addition to the Security Deposit.  This even includes Assistance Animals! 
RPM uses a 3rd Party to screen all pets and service animals. Also know that the vast majority of renters have pets and not allowing pets will significantly reduce the number of qualified applicants. We generally increase the Security Deposit 30% - 100% for pets (excluding service animals)
Are you ok with Cats? *
Are you ok with Dogs? *

Existing Conditions

Please provide all information regarding existing conditions
Have there been any prior situations that may impact rentability (deaths, drugs, crimes, mold, infestations, other)? *
Are there any existing conditions regarding Tenants (disputes, evictions, delinquencies, other)? *
Are there any electric/electronic, mechanical, plumbing, other systems, devices, or appliances that are not functioning properly? *
Are there any current deferred maintenance items? *
Are you aware of the presence of Lead Based Paint in the property? *


Please indicate if you have any Warranties or Service Contracts on any item, including Home Warranties, Service Contracts, Extended Warranties or other.  We will use our best efforts to contact your warranty provider, but do not guarantee their use.  Some circumstances, such as emergencies or immediate need may guide our use of the most appropriate vendor.
HVAC: Do you have a current Service Contract or Warranties? *
APPLIANCES: Do you have a current Service Contract or Warranties? *
DWELLING: Do you have a current Service Contract or Warranties? *

Rent Proceeds

Landlord payment Instructions
Rent Proceeds shall be deposited into the Bank Account via eCheck in accordance with the Management Agreement. However, Landlord may instruct payment of additional expenses subject to adequate reserves and a $15 Bill Processing Service charged to Owner.
Landlord instructs RPM to make other payments (describe below) *

Market Survey

How did you find us? *
Would you like to be notified of available off-market investment properties that come our way? *
When it is time for you to buy or sell investment properties, would you consider using our brokerage? *
Cost Segregation is the process of investigating all the multiple elements of the structure to accelerate depreciation and reduce taxable income.  Click HERE if you would like to schedule a time to discuss what Cost Segregation can do reduce your taxable income.


Rent your property faster... 
Rental Properties rent FASTER the more 5-Star google ratings we have.  That is because Tenants want to rent from a company that is known for great service and response.  This is a really important step in getting A+ tenants for your property.  Here is what one tenant said:
"The world would be a better place if all rentals were managed with RPM. By far, this has been the best renting experience I have ever had. RPM is responsive, diligent, and goes above and beyond for tenants. I would highly recommend any property rented through RPM!" - Hanna Wiles
1. REVIEWS:  Rent your property faster with better tenants with a 5-Star rating on Google.  Please do not skip this step as it makes a big difference in the quality of tenants that apply.  Please click HERE. Thank you, this means a lot. 
Please... do not skip this...  We really need 5-Star reviews to attract A+ Tenants.  If you name one of our staff members in your review, we will refund your first monthly management fee.
2. DEPOSIT: Click HERE to make your Owner Trust Reserve Payment now.  (Unless otherwise specified in your agreement: $450 for singl;e family homes or townhouses)
3. KEYS: Click HERE to schedule a time for us to pick up keys and install our Keypad Lock.
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