Pool Pros Above Ground Pool Project Estimator


Swimming Pool Model: *
  • Pool of choice with pool cover
  • Latham EZ Bead Pool Liner
  • Hayward Wide Mouth Skimmer
  • Cartridge Filter System
  • Deck Ladder
  • Instant Frog Mineral Sanitizer 
  • Telepole & Leaf Skimmer
  • Vinyl Brush
  • Thermometer & Test Kit
  • Vac Head & Vac Hose
  • Winter & Solar Cover
  • Start Up Chemicals
  • Pool Shock & Conditioner
  • Ph up and Ph Down
  • Algaecide & Metal Free
The above pool models are our top sellers, however, we do have more options available. If you don't see the pool you are looking for give us a call at 920-321-0016, we have access to many more pool models at all price points.
Evolution Pool Size: *
Mission Pool Size: *
Trevi 186 Pool Size: *
Trevi 178 Pool Size: *


Did you know that Pool Pros is the only local retailer that installs the above ground pools that they sell?!
No referrals to other pool installers, we do it all! 
Standard Above Ground Installation Includes:
-Excavation of Pool Site up to a 6" slope. (Flat Bottom)
-Washed Mason Sand Pool Base Compacted and Hand Trowelled
-Installation of Pool, Liner, Skimmer, & Filtration System
-Filling of Pool from Clients Source
*Excavated materials will be left on site within 30' of the pool. If the customer can find dump site within one mile of pool site Pool Pros will haul materials away at no charge.
15' Above Ground Pool Installation: * 
18' Above Ground Pool Installation * 
21' Above Ground Pool Installation * 
24' Above Ground Pool Installation * 
27' Above Ground Pool Installation * 
30' Above Ground Pool Installation * 
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