ORCCA - Annual Ottawa Regional Contact Centre Awards

Customer Contact Centre Lifetime Achievement Award 

Each year ORCCA recognizes new recipients for the Lifetime Achievement Award. These candidates embody the spirit of customer service and have contributed to all aspects of the contact centre industry: the people, the organizations, the technology and the customers. They have worked in a contact centre environment for 25 years or more and exemplify that a lifetime career choice in contact centres provides many opportunities to elevate the reputation of the industry and realize personal success. To be considered for this prestigious award, nominees will have been recognized by their organization for their tenure, professionalism, accomplishments, and serving as an example to others.

Lifetime Achievement Criteria

The candidate receiving this award has worked in a contact centre environment for 25 years or more, and exemplifies that a lifetime contact centre career is a rewarding and fulfilling career choice with many opportunities to realize success.  These years do not need to have been served with a single organization, or consecutively, but should add up to at least 25 years of combined contact centre experience.



The candidate has 25+ years of experience in a contact centre environment and exemplifies that a lifetime contact centre career is rewarding and fulfilling.


The candidate demonstrates a commitment to their career by continually improving and developing skills to meet new goals and challenges.

An example to others

The candidate is a source of inspiration to others and has earned the respect of colleagues by demonstrating a commitment to excellence, modeling ideal behaviors, and leading by example.


The candidate demonstrates professionalism, integrity, commitment and reliability, by consistently meeting expectations throughout their career.

Entry Requirements

Unlimited submissions:

  • Contact centres may recognize as many employees as they wish; however, please note that extra tickets for employees may need to be purchased depending on the size of your centre and how many people you choose to recognize.
  • Each employee that you submit will be awarded and recognized, and it is recommended that winners attend in person to receive their award.
  • ORCCA expects that each submission has already been carefully considered for recommendation by their organization and meets recognition criteria.

1-3 Free tickets for members:

  • For each recognition category (Agent, Support, Manager, Lifetime), ORCCA will provide one complimentary ticket per 100 agents ratio employed at your contact centre, up to a maximum of three complimentary tickets per organization.
  • ORCCA members may purchase additional tickets for $150 each. 
  • Non-member organizations may purchase tickets for $170.

1 Entry Form for Each Candidate:

  • Please complete one ORCCA awards entry form for each employee to be recognized.
  • Entry forms will not be accepted without a description and valid photos attached.

2 Photos Required: We want to recognize everyone! We will need:

  • A head and shoulders headshot
  • A candid shot of the candidate working or participating in the work environment.
  • These should be good quality digital photos: med-high resolution (300 pixels/inch minimum), JPEG format.
  • The images provided may be also be used on ORCCA's website (http://www.callcentres.org/), as well as in ORCCA related communications or promotional products, such as publications, CD-ROMs, DVDs, displays, pamphlets and presentations.
Click box if the candidate does not wish to have his/her pictures used by ORCCA beyond the Gala event.
Completed recognition form(s) must be received by August 10th, 2019.
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any questions or concerns, please contact us at: 
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