Webinar Series #4: Marketing For Crime Stoppers

Novemeber 7, 10:30a.m. - 12:00p.m.
You're invited to join us in our latest initiative to market Texas Crime Stoppers programs by participating in a the last webinar in a series of four webinar calls. The webinar will be led by Texas Crime Stoppers Council Member Lauren Day, a marketing professional and owner of a marketing firm. Receive material to take back to your Board, volunteers, and team to discuss and fine-tune the materials to fit your Crime Stoppers organization and community. You’ll want to attend this last webinar to discuss marketing stratgies to take back to your board, and then put it into practice!
Webinar #4: Finish answering "What tools will best help?" focusing on 1) Design & Marketing Collateral, 2) Events & External Relations, 3) Email Marketing, 4) Media Relations & Advertising. Give best practices for each category showcasing examples of good Crime Stoppers organizations doing each so attendees get a clear picture of implementation.
1. Does your Crime Stoppers organization have a marketing plan? *
2. Does your Crime Stoppers organization have a website? *
4. What social media platforms are you on as an organization? (Click all that apply.) *
5. Can your brand's name be clearly identified and read on your logo? *
6. Do you have an up-to-date brochure or concise publication that explains who you are and what you do? *
7. If all your marketing collateral (business cards, brochures, signs, swag, posters, flyers, etc.) were laid out on a table would their color scheme, logo, content voice, and visusals look like it's from the same brand? *
8. How often on average per year does your organization host people (as a small gathering or large crowd at your offices or at another location) that are missional to your brand's wellness and growth? *
9. How many times per week on average does the same employee/volunteer attend external events and network with key audiences? *
10. Do you use a customer relationship management (CRM) database? *
11. On average, after networking, attending an event, or staffing a booth at a conference, what do you do with the business cards you collect (be honest)? *
12. What kind of content do you email your audiences? (Click all that apply.) *
13. Do you regularly clean your email list to keep it updated with correct information? *
14. How large is your email list? *
15. What kind of email open rate do you have on average? *
16. How often on average do you send mass emails to your audience (exluding the blog subscriber notifications) each month? *
17. Has your organization pitched the media in the past six months about your Crime Stoppers cases, success stories, events, or something else related to your brand? *
19. Have you received tips, volunteers, or donor leads from your advertising campaigns? *