Webinar Series #3: Marketing For Crime Stoppers

September 26, 2019, 10:30AM - 12:00PM
You're invited to join us in our latest initiative to market Texas Crime Stoppers programs by participating in a series of four webinar calls. The webinars will be led by Texas Crime Stoppers Council Member Lauren Day, a marketing professional and owner of a marketing firm. Receive material to take back to your Board, volunteers, and team to discuss and fine-tune the materials to fit your Crime Stoppers organization and community. Since each webinar builds upon the last, you’ll want to attend each webinar in order to produce your organization’s specialized Strategic Marketing Plan (getting Board input along the way) and then put it into practice!
Each webinar will be interactive; includes time for Q&A, and you’ll have items to discuss with your board before the next webinar. With the information learned, you will be better equipped to grow your visibility and reach to combat crime in our communities. Call #3: Review Call #2 homework; ask for a couple of volunteers to share. Then begin answering the last question of "What tools will best help?" focusing on 1) Website and 2) Social Media.
Webinar #3 will give best practices for both creating and maintaining a website and how to best utilize social media showcasing examples of good Crime Stoppers websites and social media posts There will be a time for Q&A, and assignments will be encouraged to complete before the next call.
Note: Prior to this training, you will receive an email containing information about joining the webinar.
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