Northwest Arkansas Rescue of Canines Inc. Adoption Application
Please describe your household *
Do you have a regular veterinarian? If no current vet, choose other and tell us who you will be using *
Desired sex *
Willing to adopt *
Do you agree to provide regular health care by a Licensed Vet? *
Do you agree to keep the dog as an indoor dog *
When to dog goes out, how do you supervise it? Fenced yard? *
Do you agree to contact N.A.R.C. if you can no longer keep this dog? *
Are you willing to let a representative of NARC to visit your home by appointment? *
Would you be interested in fostering? *
All of the information I have given is true and complete.  This dog will reside in my home as a pet.  I will provide it with quality dog food, plenty of fresh water, indoor shelter, affection, annual physical examination and vaccinations under the supervision of a licensed Vet.  In the event that the adopted dog does not work out, I will notify NARC and allow them to take the dog back into the possession of the Rescue.
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