Dear Training Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in our Foundations in Contemplative Care Training Program 2017-2018
Listed below are the Application instructions. If you have any questions, please email Jushin Morrow at or by calling him at 212.677.1087.

The Application Process:

We encourage you to apply early as we review applications in the order we receive them. Once we have filled up a training group, applications will be held over for the following training year. Enrollment in the training is limited and we have a strong commitment to diversity.

How to Apply:

▪   Download the application to your computer.

▪   Answer all open-ended questions in paragraph or short essay form directly onto the application.

▪   When completed, save your application with your name and with '.doc 'at the end.  (Ex. Jushin MorrowApplication.doc)

▪   Go back to, to the Foundations Program page, and click on ‘Application.'

▪   Follow the steps to upload the application, and you may also upload your Resume at this time, if applicable, naming the file Ex. JushinMorrowResume.doc (as you did with the application).

▪   After you have uploaded, hit Continue to then choose your Payment process. 

▪   After you complete your payment options, make sure you hit Continue. 

▪   You have successfully submitted your application when you see a page that says ‘Thank you for your information.’  See point 11 below regarding your Reference Letter and payment process. 

▪   If paying the application fee by credit card:  After you have uploaded, follow the steps to pay the $125 Application fee by credit card. You will receive a confirmation via email of the credit card charge. 

▪   If paying the application fee by check: You may write it out in the amount of $125 to 'NYZCCC' and mail it to NYZCCC.

▪   For your Reference Letter:  Please download the Reference Form provided via the online application page or our website. Have your reference contact complete the form and email it directly to Charles Yoo at Directions are on the Reference Form.

Your application will be considered complete after your Application, Reference Form, and $125 Application fee have been received. After your complete application is reviewed, we will call you to schedule an interview. 

Please enter this information below only when you are uploading your application.

How do you want to pay *

Thank you for considering the Foundations in Contemplative Care Training Program as an opportunity for learning, practice, and service. We appreciate the time and thought involved in completing this application.



119 W. 23rd Street, #401    New York, NY 10011