NIDA Bachelor of Fine Arts (Scenic Construction and Technologies)

Course Questionnaire - for 2019 Intake

 The information you provide in this questionnaire will be used by NIDA staff to support your application, please explain in detail your interests in theatre, film and in your chosen course.
Please remember to complete this Course Questionnaire well in advance of your interview. 

SECTION 1: Personal Information

SECTION 2: Course Information

Have you read the information on the website which gives an outline of the Scenic Construction and Technologies Course? *
Do you understand the difference between the Scenic Construction and Technologies course and the other Undergraduate Courses provided by NIDA? *

SECTION 3: Course Questionnaire

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Have you ever had classes in the following areas, when and at which institution? Please complete the details.
General Art Classes
Technical Drawing
Industrial Arts
History of Theatre, Art, etc.
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Do you have computer literacy skills?
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Do you attend/have you attended any of the following types of performances or events? If yes, please list examples.
 Yes/ No, Examples
Contemporary Drama
Concerts, Classical / Rock
Outdoor Events
Contemporary dance
Visual Arts
Performance art
Give some examples of what you enjoy and/or whose work you enjoy in the following media (list specific creators of the work if known):
 Yes/ No, Examples

SECTION 4- Privacy

Information collected in this questionnaire is used and kept in accordance with the NIDA Privacy Policy.  Only staff that have a legitimate need to know this information will be informed of it. 

Information will be kept on your application file, which can be accessed by contacting the Director, Education.