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General myNIDA Feedback
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Prompted myNIDA Feedback
Questions about myNIDA 🛈
What do you like about myNIDA?
What don't you like about myNIDA?
What things would you most like to see available in myNIDA?
What things would you most like to be able to do in myNIDA?
What information do you use most in myNIDA?
What 5 pages do you visit most in myNIDA?
What 5 activities do you perform most in myNIDA?
How could we make myNIDA easier to navigate?
How could we make information easier to find?
How could we make myNIDA easier to use?
For students: How can we make it easier for you to learn using myNIDA?
For instructors: How can we make it easier for you to teach using myNIDA?
What content should we add, change or delete, and why?
Do you think there is a good balance of text/images/video/etc?
What features are missing, don't work well, or don't work at all?
Are there parts of myNIDA you don't know how to use, and if so which?
Do you know how to find support if you have a question or problem with myNIDA?
How we could make myNIDA more appealing / better looking?
How do you access myNIDA most (eg via PC, tablet or mobile)?
How should myNIDA be accessible (eg via PC, tablet or mobile app)?
Are there any other products you think work better than myNIDA and why?

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