Pledge to replace car trips with bicycle rides to work!

Monday, May 15, 2017 - Friday, May 19, 2017
Ride one day, a few days, or all week!
It's up to you!!

How the Event Works...

1. Register here by completing the form below.  
2. Bicycle to work or to public transit the any day(s) you choose during the week of May 15- 19, 2017. 
3. At the end of the week (Friday, May 19, 2017),  you will be sent a link to an online Tracking Log. Simply record the rides that you have taken during the week.   Each ride entered will serve as an entry into an event prize drawing. The more days you ride, the greater your chance of winning a prize!

4.  Enjoy your rides!
Registrations will be accepted through
May 18, 2017.

Your Contact Information:
I verify that I am 18 years of age or older *

Your Work Information:

Will you be bicycling to: *
If applicable, please indicate Train Station (Raritan Valley Line)
If applicable, please indicate Park and Ride Facility

My usual commute to work is made by: *

Routing Assistance
HART may be able to assist you in identifying a route to cycle to your worksite or destination.  Please indicate below if you would like to be contacted via email to receive assistance
Please provide your level of biking experience:
To help us better suggest a route, do you plan to:
Find a Bicycling Buddy
You may be able to find a bicycling buddy on our FACEBOOK page.  

How did you HEAR about the Bike to Work 2017 event? (select all that apply) *
Please indicate which of the following motivated you to REGISTER for this event: (select all that apply) *

Is this your first time participating in a Bike to Work event sponsored by HART? *
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HART will offer a "BICYCLE COMMUTING TIPS & ROAD SAFETY CLASS" on the evening of May 11, 2017 in Flemington.  Would you be interested in attending this class? *

Event Photos:  We are very interested in obtaining photos of participants as they ride or arrive at their destinations.  Please check below if you are willing to take photos and email them to HART, or post to the Hunterdon Bike to Work 2017 FACEBOOK page.

Use of a bicycle helmet is mandatory for this event. Please check below to agree that you will wear a helmet. (If you need a helmet or need to be fit for a helmet, please contact Ryan Fisher, HART Ped/Bike Programs Coordinator,  *
Please indicate other safety equipment you will utilize on your ride(s) during
the Hunterdon Bike to Work 2017 event. Check all that apply:

NJ Bicycle Regulations (N.J.S.A 39:4-14.2, 39:4-10.11)
Every person riding a bicycle on a roadway shall ride as near to the right roadside as practicable exercising due care when passing a standing vehicle or one proceeding in the same direction. A bicyclist may move left under any of the following conditions: 1) To make a left turn from a left turn lane or pocket; 2) To avoid debris, drains, or other hazardous conditions on the right; 3) To pass a slower moving vehicle; 4) To occupy any available lane when traveling at the same speed as other traffic; 5) To travel no more than two abreast when traffic is not impeded, but otherwise ride in single file. Every person riding a bicycle should ride in the same direction as vehicular traffic.

In New Jersey, the law states a bicyclist must obey all state and local automobile driving laws.

39:4-10 Lights on Bicycles.
When in use at nighttime every bicycle shall be equipped with: 1) A front headlamp emitting a white light visible from a distance of at least 500 feet to the front; 2) A rear lamp emitting a red light visible from a distance of at least 500 feet to the rear; 3) In addition to the red lamp a red reflector may be mounted on the rear.

39:4-11 Audible Signal.
A bicycle must be equipped with a bell or other audible device that can be heard at least 100 feet away, but not a siren or whistle.

I have read and understand the New Jersey bicycle laws noted above. *

Waiver of Liability
In consideration of my registration and participation in HART's "Bike to Work 2017" event, I waive, release, and discharge any and all claims for damages for personal injury, death, or property damage which I may currently have or which may subsequently arise, in whole or part, as a result of my participation.  I understand that my participation is at my own risk and that I should consult with my insurance provider regarding appropriate coverage.

I understand that bicycling is a physical activity and that it is my responsibility to consult a physician on my health prior to cycling.  I further understand that the maintenance and condition of my bicycle is my responsibility in preparation for any ride.

I hereby assume the risk of cycling as part of this event and acknowledge and accept those risks, including traveling on roads which are open to vehicular traffic.  I understand that it is my responsibility to identify the safest route for my travel and that any information provided by HART is for information and consideration ONLY and does not constitute an endorsement of a safe route of travel.

This release, waiver and discharge extends to all members of the HART Board of Directors, Staff, Members, and Associates of this event, including co-sponsors and funding agencies.  
I have reviewed and accept the Waiver of Liability above: *

Co- Sponsors

AAA MidAtlantic, Hamilton
Bike King, Clinton
Clinton Bicycle Shop, LLC, Clinton
Cycle Corner of Frenchtown, Frenchtown
Garden State Bicycle, Whitehouse Station
J.A.R. Engineering, Flemington
Pure Energy Cycling & Java House, Lambertville
V5 Cycles, Flemington
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