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* Travel to location within 60 minutes round trip from Asheville. Please apply check box accordingly.

* Post Production premium editing. Images are HAND-BLENDED in Phototshop, not automated in an HDR program. All windows are flashed to render white woodwork and white mullions (if they are white). Views are visible but not "cut and pasted-in" looking. The scene is natural and very real.

*Rights to Image/License Usage: Please read usage agreement. This project is being undertaken as an Independent Contractor and not Work For Hire. Copyright remains with DSP. click here for license PDF

* If the real estate agent leaves the agency, the images are non-transferable, nor should they be given to the client, builder, or contractor or any third party, without written consent in the form of a license.
Shoot Type Request - VRBO or Real Estate. (Not for Architectural Shoots)
Extra Services. Please check which option(s) you would like to order. 🛈

For a more detailed description of extras and my shooting and processing methodology, please read below.

Twilight Capture:  This is an 1-2 hour endeavor on site. It starts a few hours prior to sunset. I start shooting and continue all through the sunset, light painting the house when the ambient level decreases.  At the end, when it is dark, I shoot my final brackets. In post all the images - up to 50, are merged and hand-blended into one final image pulling in the perfect amount adjusted color of the glow from the interior window lights. All of the frames are layered in in Photoshop and the composited into one final image. The end result is spectacular and dynamic.

Interior Pano’s: capturing the vertical rise of an interior to capture the entire 
double story from ceiling beams to floor, or an amazing stairway that needs to be told in it’s entirety. Each section is hand-blended together first, then the top and bottom sections are seamlessly joined using Photoshop. 

An Exterior Pano: comprised of 3-8 vertically shot images of a mountain range 
scene, processed and stitched together in Photoshop for a smooth and seamless 

My equipment: I shoot witha full frame, Sony a7RII and use a Metabones adapter to use my Canon L series lens’s for tilt-shift capabilities. I also have several Zeiss Lens’s. I use a full frame camera because I am able to capture a wider area without having to use a super wide angle lens that if not used properly, will distort your images. I like to shoot with a 24mm Tilt-shift lens and a 17mm tilt-shift lens, as well as the 90mm Tilt-shifts for detail work. This lens enables the photographer to tilt or shift the lens so that we can have perspective control. I sometimes will shoot this into a pano, that once stitched together, does not look like a pano because it is not shot in horizontal mode like a typical panoramic shot. Kind of hard to explain in words but I am able to literally move the lens up and down or left and right without changing the cameras position at all. The lens actually moves off it's axis from the camera. I use up to 6 lights and bounce them in various ways to light the scene. When done right, the result is an image that does not look like it is lit, which is what I am after. I do not like "Flashy" results, only a well lit scene to make it look as natural as possible and knowing how, when and where to put your lights is key. 

Post-production: This is as important as the shoot itself. I strive to "get it right in the camera", but knowing how to process your images in a workflow that is fluid and consistent is vitally important. The color temperature, exposure, and mood should all be relatively consistent. I use Lightroom/Photoshop cc to accomplish. I also HAND-BLEND images together to capture the dynamic range of the room and scene, however, it is done light-handed to produce clean, crisp, eye-popping imagery with no cartoony, muddy, flashy and unnatural results. 

Delivery: I deliver the finished images in 1-3 business days after the shoot day, via DropBox, for you to upload to your back-end site. However, same day may be available if shot by 10 AM or 24 hour delivery upon request.

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