What is "Fire Up Citrus!" all about?

Event Information:
Thursday, October 19, 2021 at 6 p.m.
Valerie Theatre, 207 Courthouse Square, Downtown Inverness
Contact: Citrus County Chamber of Commerce
Ardath Prendergast, ardath@citruscountychamber.com,
or 352-795-3149
Do you have what you think is a great idea to help put a fire under Citrus County to move our economy forward?
Can you make it a little entertaining, fairly fun, and totally presentable in five minutes flat?
Then we want you to present it at Fire Up Citrus! There are no restrictions on your idea just so long as it is positive (no negativity, criticism of current programs or policies or belittling). Presenters are required to make a 20-image slide show presentation. Please remember we are looking for ideas that are refreshing and help “fire up” Citrus and may get the audience into thinking, “why not?” Who knows? Your idea may help spark something that becomes a game changer for Citrus County.
How it works

Each presenter will have exactly five minutes on stage to speak before the audience. Your presentation will be accompanied by the slide program you design. The slides will automatically change every 15 seconds for a total of 20 slides in five minutes. This keeps the flow of the evening moving at a quick pace since you will need to keep up with your slides.
Does my idea have to revolve around my business or area of expertise? Absolutely not. Dream large!
Does it have to be practical? Not really. But it could be.
Do I have to have a slide presentation? Yes. You can create your own PowerPoint slide show, or we can help you put your images into a presentation if you like. The requirement is that there must be 20 images that will automatically advance every 15 seconds, and end at a total of five minutes.
Can I work with a partner? Sure! If you want to do a dog-and-pony presentation with another person, that would be fine. Just keep it to the total of five minutes with 20 slides.
How do I know if I am selected to present? We limit the number of presentations to 12 so that the evening doesn’t run too long. The applications will go before a selection committee for the purposes of choosing as wide a variety of topics as possible from the applications we receive.
Who will be in our audience? This is a public event and it will be advertised widely throughout the County. Additionally, all our elected officials and business leaders are invited and encouraged to attend. However, no officials will be presenters – they will be there to hear your ideas.
There is no admission cost to the public. Audio visual equipment will be provided for the presentations and an operator will keep your slide show moving along for you. The event will be videotaped so that we can keep track of the great ideas that emerge.
The Citrus County Chamber is in charge of the event. If anything negative or mean-spirited is presented, the “hook” will come out -- literally. This event is designed to be about constructive thinking.
What happens with the ideas presented? Who knows? Maybe nothing; maybe everything. But you never know when something sparks and might lead somewhere. That is why we are also asking our local officials and business leaders to be in the audience, and we will videotape the event. Presentations from Fire Up Citrus! have triggered new businesses to open, garnered volunteers to work on other ideas, and started the ball rolling on other major projects.
So give it a shot and share your idea!
Questions? Call Ardath at 352-795-3149

Fire Up Citrus! Presenter Information

Important Dates
• Application Deadline: October 1, 2021
• Selection Notification: October 5, 2021
• Slide Show Due: October 15, 2021
• Event Date: October 19, 2021, 6 – 9 p.m.
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Your Proposal

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