2018 Christmas Parades, produced by the Citrus County Chamber of Commerce 
"Sweet Treats"
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I have read the set of rules and guidelines below. (You will be able to print these after submitting your application; the rules can also be found on our website) *

Parade Rules and Other Information

Parade Applications Due November 19, 2018 by 5 p.m.

Applications received after the deadline will be charged a $15 late fee. 

There will be no assigned spots for entries; first come, first served. 

 Reminder:  Commercial entry fee is per unit.  Businesses can have one truck, car, boat, motor home, etc.  Truck with a trailer is considered one unit.  More than two units per entry will be an additional $20 per unit.     

No fee:  Police, sheriff, fire, government officials currently in office, military, school bands and current year pageant winners. 

 Crystal River Check-in & Route Information

Check-in: From US Hwy 19, enter SE Kings Bay Drive (across from Cody’s Grill) and head west.  Turn right at the first intersection on to SE 3 Sisters Springs (formally known as Cutler Spur Blvd.). Follow SE Cutler Spur Blvd until it turns into NE 3rd Avenue.  Stop and check in at the Staging Information Tent.  Further directions will be given from there. Line-up (staging) will be similar to last year – start lining up on NE 5th St, then NE 4th St, etc. 

Route: The parade will leave from the intersection of Citrus Ave and Hwy 19. It will follow the southbound lane of Hwy 19 until it reaches the road "Paradise Point" next to the SunTrust. The parade will funnel into that empty lot, and floats will exit by either bypassing the empty lot and continuing down Paradise Point Road or they may enter Hwy 19 from Fort Island Trail. Viewer visibility will be mostly limited to the passenger side of the float. 

Inverness Check-In & Route Information

Check-in: Check-in for the Inverness Parade will be at the back entrance to Citrus High School, nearest the stadium.

Route: The parade will begin at the County bus garage entrance and proceed south along Main Street to Highland Avenue.  Sheriff’s units will assist in guiding entrants off the parade route.  Entrants are not to stop on Highland Avenue.  Entrants may pull off any side street or return back to the high school to break down unit and have participants picked up. Viewer visibility will be on both sides of the float, but the judges will be located on the passenger side of the float. 

Float Tips

Please make sure everyone on your float knows what name the organization was entered as. We have had units make reservations under one name, but the participants showed up asking for their float location using a different name.  This has caused confusion and delays in the past.


Awards will be presented at John Eden Law Firm/Fidelity Title Services in Inverness on December 13, 2018, 5-7pm.

Award Categories:  Best Commercial Entry, Best Non-Commercial Entry, Best Religious Entry, Best Marching Unit, and the Judges Choice Award. 

Judging and Guidelines

The parade lineup is first come, first served (except for Grand Marshalls). Those that wish to be near the front of the parade are encouraged to show up early; those that want to be in the parade but aren’t concerned about the exact location may show up a little later.  We will begin checking in floats at 2:00 pm in Crystal River and 8:00 am in Inverness.

  • Judges will be along the parade route (on your right-hand side!!!) in front of ReMax Realty in Crystal River and the corner of Main Street and Osceola in Inverness.
  • Numbers will be handed out during check-in the day of the parade. These need to be placed on the pasenger's side of the entry for judges to read. Please do not stop in front of the judging area. This causes the entire parade to back-up.


  • Floats will only be viewed on the passenger side of an entry. There will be no view by the north bound lane, only the south bound.  All entries should have decorations appropriate with the entry theme.  Please ensure that decorations are well attached


  • To avoid any confusion, there must not be any entries containing a Santa Claus (elves are great, though). Because there is only one Santa, we can only have one Santa in the parade.
    Unfortunately, if you do not comply with this rule, your Santa will have to leave, or your float will not be allowed into the parade. No returns on entry fee in this case.


  • Entrants are asked to stay approximately 20 feet from the entrant before them. This helps to ensure the safety of each entrant


  • All entries are encouraged to use appropriate music and creativity to add to the festive atmosphere of the parade. Please be considerate when setting the volume control while out on the parade route and in the staging area.


  • Entries such as car clubs, tractors, 4-wheelers, etc. will go down the parade route in sets of two. Entries will not be allowed to go down the route one at a time. Vehicles are not permitted to do any stunts. Entries must keep wheels on the ground at all times. 


  • Candy may be handed to the audience by walkers—not thrown. This is a major safety concern. If you need further clarification, please call our office.


  • All animal entries shall have a clean-up crew.


  • All entries featuring children must have adult chaperones. Children who are passing out candy must be accompanied by an adult.  This is to ensure that they are not injured while returning to their floats to obtain more candy.  Children under the age of 10 are suggested to remain on floats, as there will be nowhere to stop to place the children back on the float if they get tired. 

No passing out of brochures, pamphlets, maps, flyers, advertising, business cards, booklets or advertising of any kind during the parade. You will be asked to stop, asked to leave, or possibly given a one year attendance penalty if you do not comply. 

  • It creates a trash issue after the parade, and we are an ecotourism centered county. Please respect the environment and city property – spread the holiday joy!

IMPORTANT: Entry Participant Rules for Individuals
We have had past issues with children becoming lost and attempting to wander into dangerous situations while trying to locate their group.
The floats line up in the same order they check-in to the parade, so it is suggested that there is open communication at all times between the group leaders and participants about float location. Vehicles will not be able to travel up or down the streets once they are full of floats, so please be prepared. This is all about the safety of you and/or your child. 
A meeting place, time, lead contact along with a cell phone number of the contact should be set up in advance of the parade and the information supplied to all participants. 

Inverness OR Crystal River Parade Only
Category - One Parade only *

Both Inverness AND Crystal River Parades
Category ~ Both parades *

Is this a car/Jeep/auto club entry? *
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Does the entry include: RV, Bus, Tractor, Fire Truck? *
How many of each?
Does the entry include ATV's, Golf Cart, Rec Vehicles? *
Will the entry include animals? *
With all entries that include animals, a clean up crew must accompany them throughout the entire parade route. *
Will walkers be part of the entry? *

Will the entry include music? *
Will the entry include Christmas lights? *

If you are unable to submit proof of insurance with this application, please mail  or email proof to:
Citrus County Chamber of Commerce
Attn: Lisa Calderone/Special Events Manager
915 N Suncoast Blvd.
Crystal River, FL 34429

Current Total:
Payment type *

Please make checks payable to:
Citrus County Chamber of Commerce
Send to:
Citrus County Chamber of Commerce
Lisa Calderone/Special Events Manager
915 N. Suncoast Blvd. 
Crystal River, FL 34429
If check is not received on or before the deadline date of November 19, 2018, you will be unable to participate in the parade/s.
I understand that I am responsible for completing the disclaimer form and having all participants in my organization who are participating in the 2018 Christmas parade sign the disclaimer and return the form to the Chamber. The link to access the disclaimer form appears below.
Completed disclaimer forms can be returned via mail or email to:
Citrus County Chamber of Commerce
Lisa Calderone/Special Events Manager
915 N. Suncoast Blvd.
Crystal River, FL  34429

I understand that my entry fee will not be refunded if the parade is cancelled, including but not limited to, inclement weather or acts of nature. If cancellation of event occurs, there will not be another date scheduled.
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