November 17 - 19, 2023 State Endorsing Convention Proxy Submission Form


1. Proxy must be a registered California Democrat and can’t already be a Democratic State Central Committee Delegate.
2. If you were elected by an Assembly District Election Meeting, proxy must be registered CA DEM in the same Assembly District.
3. If you are an elected Delegate by a County Central Committee, proxy must also be a member of the same County Central Committee.
4. When possible, proxy should be the same gender as the delegate.


5. All proxies must hand deliver the signed and completed Proxy form onsite to the Proxy/Credential Table during the Registration and Credentialling period. Download the Proxy Form Here

6. Penalty of perjury statement MUST be signed by the delegate to be valid.

7. All proxies submitted after Friday, November 10, 2023, must bring a copy of the completed form on-site even if submitting a copy in advance.


8. Delegates sending proxies must complete the registration process prior to the approval of the proxy. 

9. Proxies shall report to the Proxy Table onsite in HALL B of the SAFE Credit Union, Sacramento Convention Center, prior to receiving the delegate's voting credential.

10. Dues and convention fees must be paid. Only Delegate members can request a waiver of dues.

11. Credentialing ends at 10:00AM on Sunday. No more proxies will be accepted after the closing of credentials/registration.



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