DSCC Delegate List Request Form

The California Democratic Party (CDP) Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) Delegate Member List is only to be used by the requester for communicating with delegates regarding official CDP delegate business, including but not limited to the CDP endorsement process, matters before CDP Standing Committees, and events taking place at CDP Conventions and Executive Board Meetings. Applications that do not meet the aforementioned purposes may have their request denied by the CDP.

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All List requests will cost a minimum of $20.
To calculate the price of a delegate list, multiply the number of delegates being requested by the highest price of the information requested.
(Ex. 1) 100 Delegates is 100 x $2.50 (cost per Address, Phone Number, and Emails) = $250.
(Ex. 2) 100 Delegate is 100 x $0.10 (cost per Address) = $10.00 [Cost would be $20]
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