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2. Type of Organization

Please indicate the type of organizational charter for which this application is made and answer applicable questions.
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Has any other organization serving the same district or area applied for, or are you aware of one that might apply for, a charter from the California Democratic Party (CDP)? *
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Please indicate below the number of clubs included from which districts (indicating whether AD, SD, or CD) and the chartering Counties of those Clubs.
 District No.AD, SD, or CD?Number of ClubsChartering Counties

3. Purpose and Program

Please attach to this application a statement of organization purpose, inteneded activity and planned means of effectuating as well as standards on which Organization will base annual reports to the Committee on Organizational Development on its activites and program.
For Example (yours might be different):

The Organization’s purpose is to establish a permanent Democratic campaign apparatus within the 00th Assembly District. We envision achieving our purpose through the following on-going activities:

Activity Means Standards
Voter Registration Table at stationary sites; Door-to-door; Mail with follow-up Register at least __ Democrats per month outside the election cycle and at least __ Democrats per month during the 120-day period prior to election
Precinct organization Assign 1 officer to coordinate activities within geographic subdivisions Recruit precinct and block captains during election campaigns and retain increasing numbers of them for permanent activity until entire geographic area is covered; Develop informational material on local Democratic and community organizations
Fund raising to meet estimated costs of activities Mail appeals letters; Host events; Distribute memorabilia in recognition of contributions $x from appeals letters during odd-numbered years and $y during even-numbered years; Etc.


4. Officers and/or Committee Chairs of the Organization

Please list all Officers and/or Committee Chairs of the Organization, including Precinct Captains, or other persons charged with organizational responsibility (attach additional pages if necessary)"
Executive Officer
Other Officers
(include any person listed on statement of organization filed with Secretary of State or Federal Election commission; attach additional pages if necessary)

Exhibit B: Roster of Members

Please upload a roster of members using this format:

First Name Last Name Mailing Address City Zip AD Telephone Home Work Mobile Fax Email Precinct or Block Captain

Exhibit C: Constitution/Bylaws

5. Fees and Documents

We attach the following to this application: *

6. Acknowledgements

In making this Application for Charter, the Organization agrees:

  • to provide the Chair(s) of the Organizational Development Committee and the Secretary of the CDP written reports on its activities and
  • progress toward achieving organizational goals, by February 7th of each year
  • to give ten (10) days written or electronic notice of each of its meetings to the Secretary of the CDP
  • to advise the CDP within ten (10) days of any changes in its officers or its officers’ contact information, or of any changes in the Constitution
  • and/or Bylaws of the Organization, and if the Organization is incorporated, its Articles of Incorporation.
  • to update the Organization’s roster of members on file with the CDP annually, by February 7th of each year.
  • that the Roster of Members of the Organization shall be made available by the CDP to all candidates the CDP endorses
  • that the CDP may deny or revoke the charter of the Organization for cause, and such causes for revocation include:
    • having fewer than thirty (30) members in the geographical area from which the Organization draws its membership
    • failing to grant membership to any registered Democrat resident in the geographical area from which the Organization draws its membership
    • the knowing enrollment of a person as a voting member of the Organization who is registered as anything other than a member of the Democratic Party
    • the endorsement of a non-Democrat for elective office
    • the endorsement of any candidate for public office running against an endorsed candidate of the CDP
    • transfer of funds from the Organization’s accounts to an account of a non-Democrat running for elective office
    • acting in violation of State or Federal laws or regulations, and/or
    • a finding of fact having been made by the CDP that the Organization has failed to act in and/or has acted in a manner adverse or detrimental to the best interests of the Democratic Party
    • failure to submit the annual written report of progress and update of roster
  • that the charters of geographically based organizations shall be automatically revoked thirty (30) days after the effective date of any reapportionment law altering the boundaries of that Organization’s defined district boundary.
I agree to the Acknowledgements *


As Officers of the Organization, we herby certify that all information provided in this application is to the best of our knowledge true and correct as of the date and that the Organization freely undertakes agreement to all points listed under item 6. of this Application for charter: