2021 Post ADEM Survey

Together, we’ve worked to adapt to a series of unprecedented circumstances and implemented a process that prioritized the health and safety of every Democrat.
In light of safety concerns associated with the ongoing pandemic, the Executive Board approved a “all-vote-by-mail” ADEMs process for 2021. Under extremely tight timelines, CADEM staff worked incredibly hard to support a record level of participation in the ADEMs process. In 8 weeks, we’ve responded to more than 7,000 inquiries and organized the distribution of nearly 170,000 requested ballots – 75% of those were requested in the last seven days of registration.
The high number of ballots requested very late in the process required additional printing, processing, and mailing. To ensure the greatest possibility for participation, the Statewide Officers unanimously agreed to extend the deadline to receive ballots to Wednesday, February 3, 2021 - an extension of a full week beyond the original deadline.
The next step is to finalize tabulation of the results, review the current process and procedures, allow feedback and testimony period to improve the process for the 2023 Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMs).
Thank you for your participation and continued patience with this new process. Please fill out this survey with your feedback.
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