California Democratic Party 2020 General Election Voter Protection Team - Attorney and Legal Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Calling All California Democratic Attorneys!

Would you like to put your legal skills to work to ensure Democratic success in the November 3, 2020 General Election?

If so, join the California Democratic Party (CDP) Voter Protection Team!

Since 1992, the California Democratic Party, through our Voter Protection Team, has been protecting the rights of ALL voters and ensuring that EVERY VOTE COUNTS! If you are interested in volunteering and assisting in the CDP's voter protection activities, please sign up by completing this form.

In 2020, the California Democratic Party is sponsoring California Election Legal Training, approved by the State Bar of California for MCLE credit.

Election protection is more important than ever. With Trump and the Republicans taking unprecedented measures to disrupt election processes, hamstring the post office, and suppress voting, our Voter Protection Team will play a critical role in ensuring that Every Vote Counts! Join us!


  • How to ensure that Democratic voters are protected from intimidation before and on Election Day
  • The ins and outs of the rules on:
    • Vote-By-Mail Ballots, including issues regarding applying for a ballot, returning the ballot, and post-Election Day regarding signature match and cure procedures
    • Voter Choice Act issues, including Vote Centers, Drop-off Locations and more
    • Electioneering Before and on Election Day
    • Collecting Ballots from Voters
    • Provisional Ballots
    • Identification Checks at the Polls
    • Challenges to Voters
    • And More!

There are opportunities for every level of involvement: 

  • Early Voting Period (10/27 through 10/30)
  • Vote Centers Open and Election Day (10/31 through 11/3
  • Post-Election Day (11/4 through 12/1)

For more information or if you have any questions, please email

Attendance at one of the election law webinars (dates TBD in late September / early October) is required for participation.
This webinar has been approved for 1.5 Hours of California MCLE Credit.

Have you participated in our Voter Protection Team or P2TV program before? *
If so, when? (check all that apply)
Do you speak any languages other than English? *
Please select the Counties that are you able to travel to in person. *

Below are slots we are looking to staff for different phases of this year’s election.

“Virtual” means that you will be available from your home and office, and will have access to the internet and will be able to receive and make calls and receive and send emails and texts as needed.

“Field – Local” means that you will be working from your home or office but (in addition to having access to the internet and be able deal with calls and emails), you will be available to travel to local polling places, vote centers, and/or government offices within a reasonable travel distance.

“Field – Travel” means that you will be able to travel (at your own expense) to California Election Hot Spots to provide on the ground support and troubleshoot issues.  Such Hot Spots could include areas with contested congressional and legislative races (such as Orange County, the Inland Empire and the Central Valley).
Early Voting Period
Please select the shift(s) for which you are available for the CDP Voter Protection Team (check all that apply):
 Morning (7a - 10a)Midday (10a - 2p)Afternoon (2p - 5p)Evening (5p - 8p)VirtuallyField - LocalField - Travel
Tuesday, October 27
Wednesday, October 28
Thursday, October 29
Friday, October 30
Vote Centers Open and Election Day
Please select the shift(s) for which you are available for the CDP Voter Protection Team (check all that apply):
 Morning (7a - 10a)Midday (10a - 2p)Afternoon (2p - 5p)Evening (5p - 8p)VirtuallyField - LocalField - Travel
Saturday, October 31
Sunday, November 1
Monday, November 2
Tuesday, November 3
Post Election Day

Post-Election Day – this time will more critical than usual due to the large increase in vote-by-mail ballots.  This means that we need to do everything possible to ensure that registrars diligently attempt to validate ballots, and if there are signature issues, that the registrars follow state law to notify the voter and provide an opportunity to “cure” the issue.

Because much of this work involves being at the registrars’ offices, please only check days when you would be availabe to be at a registrar office in person.

Please select the shift(s) for which you are available for the CDP Voter Protection Team (check all that apply)
 Morning (7a - 10a)Midday (10a - 2p)Afternoon (2p - 5p)Evening (5p - 8p)Field - LocalField - Travel
Wednesday, November 4
Thursday, November 5
Friday, November 6
Saturday, November 7
Sunday, November 8
Monday, November 9
Tuesday, November 10
Wednesday, November 11
Thursday, November 12
Friday, November 13
Saturday, November 14
Sunday, November 15
Monday, November 16
Tuesday, November 17
Wednesday, November 18
Thursday, November 19
Friday, November 20
Saturday, November 21
Sunday, November 22
Monday, November 23
Tuesday, November 24
Wednesday, November 25
Thursday, November 26
Friday, November 27
Saturday, November 28
Sunday, November 29
Monday, November 30
Tuesday, December 1