Booth Rendering & Height Variance Requests
Booth Renderings must be submitted for all booths over 300 sq ft (or any size booth with a custom build) for approval by Show Management.  
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Exhibitor Information

Booth Drawing/Rendering

Booth Drawings or Renderings must be submitted to Show Management for approval when:
  • Booth is 300 sq ft or larger
  • Booth has custom build regardless of size
The rendering/drawing should contain exact dimensions and height details.

Height Variance Requests

Height restrictions are listed below for your reference. Booth designs that exceed these restrictions must obtain approval from Show Management by requesting a variance.

  • Linear (In-Line) = 8'
  • Coner (In-Line) = 8'
  • Perimeter = 12'
  • Split Island = 16' - 20'
  • Island Booths = 20' or higher with approval

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