Height Variance & Booth Renderings

Please make note of the AAPG Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations for more detailed information.
The purpose of this form is for Exhibiting Companys and/or EAC's to request Height allowances of stands/booths and provide a detailed rendering/drawing of the stand in advance for final review and approval.
*NOTE* All stands are required to provide a Booth Rendering for review and approval by CITCC.
Renderings MUST be received by 4 October 2018 to ensure timely review process and approval.
Failure to provide a rendering will prohibit entrance/access to the exhibit hall.
DEADLINE IS 4 October 2018

Exhibiting Company Information

Height Variance

The height maximum for stands at AAPG ICE 2018 in Cape Town are as follows:

Island Stands: 6 meters
In-Line Stands: 2.4 meters 
Perimeter Inline Stands: 3.6 meters
Peninsula Stands: 2.4 meters
End-Cap Stands: 2.4

Stand drawing/Rendering Information

-All booths/stands must be approved in advance by AAPG Show Management as ceiling heights as well as venue and/or fire marshal regulations may vary.
-The design of the booth should allow 50% see-through visibility from all four sides.
-They should not project beyond the space allotted and floor covering must be confined to assigned space.
-Open or unfinished visible sides of exhibits must be covered so as to not be unsightly or objectionable to         other exhibitors. *
REMINDER:  All exhibitors are required to submit a rendering of their stand/booth by 4 October 2018.
AAPG follows the current IAEE Rules & Regulations - to avoid any additional costs onsite or negative impacts on your stand designs, please submit renderings for review.

If you cannot upload your rendering at this time, you can send via email to Tamra Campbell at tcampbell@aapg.org

Please click the Submit button to send.