Height Variance Requests & Booth Drawings

AAPG follows the IAEE Guidelines for Display Rules & Regulations.

Exhibitor Information

Booth Drawing/Rendering Information

All stands that are 18 square meters or larger are required to provide a stand rendering/drawing with height and dimensions for approval to Mike Taylor, Exhibition Sales Team Leader. *
**NOTE** If your stand is less than 18 square meters and you are hiring a contractor for construction, please ensure you submit the rendering to Mike Taylor prior to arrival. As indicated above, AAPG/SEG follows the IAEE Rules & Regulations - to avoid any additional costs onsite or negative impacts on your stand designs, please submit renderings for review.

Height Variance

The height maximum for stands at AAPG|SEG ICE 2017 in London are as follows:

6 meters for islands
2.4 meters for inline
3.6 meters for perimeter inline
2.4 meters for peninsulas


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