On-site Contact & EAC Work Authorization

Exhibiting Company Information
(Please list the primary contact for your company)

This form must be completed by the contracted exhibitor for each stand.
The purpose of the form is for exhibiting companies to establish and assign on-site making decisions as well as provide contact information for any EAC's (Exhibitor Appointed Contractor) that may be hired to build the stand.
Please complete the below information indicating who will be on site and authorized to make decisions regarding the stand during move-in and show hours.

Have you hired a third party contractor (EAC) to build assist with building your stand? *
Exhibited Appointed Contractor (EAC)

If you have hired a third party contractor or Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) to assist with building your stand, please complete the information below.
Once you have completed the details below, please ask your EAC contact to complete the EAC indemification form.