Due to the current situation, we have adjusted the deadlines for several mandatory exhibitor forms to fall after 1 May 2020.  AAPG continues to monitor the global spread of COVID-19 and the reports from international and national health authorities, including the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to guide our decision-making. As many of the current declarations and advisories are in effect through April, we will provide additional updates on 1 May or sooner as warranted.  Please continue to check the event website for ongoing updates. https://ace.aapg.org/2020

Booth Rendering Submission and Height Variance Requests
Submission Deadline: May 13, 2020
Booth renderings must be submitted for all booths over 300 sq ft (or if there will be any type of custom build to a smaller booths) for approval by Show Management.   Rendering/Drawing should contain exact dimensions and height details.    
Details on booth sizes and restrictions can be found in the Online Exhibitor Manual.
Questions about this information should be directed to Kendra McColloch +1 918-560-2689.

Height Variance
If your booth design exceeds the height restrictions listed below, you must submit a request for approval by Show Management.   Additional information on height restrictions can be found in the Online Exhibitors Manual.
Height Restrictions
  • 8'             - Linear and Corner (In-Line) booths
  • 12'           - Perimater (In-Line) booths
  • 16'-20'     - Split Island Booths
  • 20'           - Island Booths
Variance Request

Booth Drawings / Renderings
Booth Drawings or Renderings must be submitted to Show Management for approval when:
  • Booth is 300 sq ft or larger
  • Booth has custom build regardless of size
Drawings/Renderings Requirements