EAC Indemnification/Insurance/Booth Rendering & Height Variance Requests
Deadline: June 5, 2019
To be completed by the Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor

**NOTE** You must complete a SEPARATE form for EACH exhibitor/booth.
Failure to complete this form for each exhibitor/booth
can delay or prevent build-up access to the floor for move-in.
Questions?  Contact Tamra Campbell  tcampbell@aapg.org
or +1 918 560 9434

Exhibitor and EAC Information

Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor's ("Indemnitor") name must be inserted and agreement signed.

(“Indemnitor”) will defend, indemnify and hold harmless  The Unconventional Resources Technology Conference as managed by The American Association of Petroleum Geologists, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensees, and representatives (“Indemnitees”) from and against and all liabilities, claims, judgments, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys fees (collectively “Liabilities”), whether for bodily injury, property damage, or otherwise, arising out of, occasioned by, or in any way associated with any act or omission of Indemnitor, regardless of any contributory or concurrent negligence of the Indemnitees or any of them, except for such of the Liabilities as are caused by the sole negligence of The American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

The person signing this Indemnification Agreement on behalf of Indemnitor warrants that he or she is authorized to make the agreements set out above on behalf of Indemnitor, and has the authority to bind Indemnitor to this Indemnification Agreement.

Signature *
I agree and understand that my typed electronic signature above shall have the same legal effect as my original signature and is being accepted as my signature pursuant to the Oklahoma Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, Oklahoma Statutes, Title 12A, Sec. 15-101 et seq.