AAPG International Conference & Exhibition
Onsite Contact and Special Services Form
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Mandatory Form: DEADLINE 8 August

Exhibitor Information

On-site Contacts

Please complete the following information for at least one person who will be on-site during move-in, exhibition hours, and move-out and has authority to discuss and resolve any situation that may arise concerning your exhibit.

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Information
If yes, please note that you will need to submit an EAC Work Authorization form. The EAC must submit an Indemnification Agreement, List of Employees and Certificate of Insurance. More details can be found on the forms in the General Information.

Catering Functions

Please note all catering functions are subject to Show Management approval. Please send your catering function request to tdavis@aapg.org before placing your catering order.

Height Information

The Cartagena Convention Center has a unique exhibition area with varying heights and restrictions.

Level 1 Exhibition Area:

Claustro de Las Animas

  • Island Exhibits = 5m     

Claustro Perimeter

  • Island Exhibits = 2.4m
  • Inline Exhibits = 2.4m

Salon Pegasos

  • Island Exhibits = 2.4m
  • Inline Exhibits = 2.4m

Terrazas Del Claustro

  • Inline Exhibits = 2.4m

Level 2 Exhibition Area:

Hall Grau Exhibits

  • Island Exhibits = 2.2m
  • Inline Exhibits = 2.2m

Hall de Exposicion

  • Inline Exhibits = 2.25m

Lobby del Grand Salon Barahona

  • Island Exhibits = 2.4m
  • Inline Exhibits = 2.4m

Salon Arsenal

  • Island Exhibits = 2.4m

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