Arctic Technology Conference
Onsite Contact and Special Services Form

Deadline: September 16th (Mandatory Form)
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Exhibitor Information

On-site Contacts

Please complete the following information for at least one person who will be on-site during move-in, exhibition hours, and move-out and has authority to discuss and resolve any situation that may arise concerning your exhibit.

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Information

Do you plan to use an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor, other than the Bella Center to build your booth? *
If yes, please note that you will need to submit an EAC Work Authorization form. The EAC must submit an Indemnification Agreement, List of Employees and Certificate of Insurance. More details can be found on the forms in this Exhibitor Services Manual.

Booth Drawing/Rendering Information

If your stand is greater than 18sqm you are required to provide a rendering/drawing with height and dimensions for approval. Please send to Tracy Thompson, Exhibition Team at
no later than 13 September. *
Catering Functions

Do you plan to host a catering function in your stand during the event? *
Please note all catering functions are subject to Conference Management approval. Please send your catering function request to Theresa Curry, Exhibition Team to
no later than 12 September.
Height Variance

If you require more height than listed below, please select the type of booth you have and enter the height requested below. If you do not need a height variance please select 'no height variance needed'.

The height maximum for stands is 20ft for island, 8ft for inline, 12ft for perimeter inline, 8ft for peninsula. *

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