Thank you for your interest in Mid-South Power Distributors. If you would like other than a C.O.D./Cash basis, please complete this application and provide the accompanying list of credit references. Also, if we should not charge sales tax on your purchases, please attach legal proof of tax exemption such as a certificate of resale, industrial machinery certificate etc.

Enter the Names of Officers, Partners, Principals or Proprietors as appropriate:

The credit application and agreement is submitted by the customer to Mid-South Power Distributors, hereafter knows as MSP in this agreement, in order to obtain trade credit. Customer agrees to make payment in full to MSP for all amounts due according to MSP's invoice on or before the date due.  The customer also agrees to pay interest on all amounts that are past due. Interest will be charged at 1.5% per month or the highest rate allowable by law. If the customer should default in any payment(s), MSP has reserved the right to make all invoice amounts due and payable without notice to the customer. Additionally, the customer agrees to pay for all collection costs and attorney fees whether a suit is filed or not, in order to collect delinquent amount. Any litigation that becomes necessary will be done in Shelby County, TN. The customer also agrees to provide MSP with updated credit information on request and to provide annual statements to MSP as a condition for the continued extension of credit. Furthermore, the customer agrees to notify MSP immediately upon changes in ownership, purchasing procedures, authorized purchases or bankruptcy. The undersigned certifies that all the information obtained herein and any attachments is true and correct to the best of their information, knowledge and belief.  Customer agrees to adhere to credit policies and procedures established by MSP.
Signature of Authorized Individual *
***Please note -- we cannot process your application without this signed authorization, you may attach an open letter of credit on the next page, but this application must be signed before any processing can begin. We must have a valid copy of any Resale Tax Certificates if claiming non-tax status.

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