McDougal Center Room Request

As a Graduate Student Center, all events and groups using McDougal Center rooms must serve GRADUATE STUDENTS directly. The McDougal Center books rooms for events that directly involve or serve Graduate Students or are organized by registered Graduate Students groups. The McDougal Center reserves the right to deny requests made by any groups or offices which do not adhere to its policies or guidelines.

Requests for Fall 2014 will be considered starting September 15, 2014. Please do not submit requests until September 15. 
Thank you.  

McDougal Center Fall  & Spring Operating Hours (September - December, January -May): Monday-Thursday9:00am-10:00pm, Friday 9:00am-8:00pm and Weekends 12:00pm-6:00pm. Reduced hours will be in effect for holidays and recess periods.
Summer Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-4:45pm
Type of Activity
Room Requested
Participants/Audience will include (check all that apply):

Room Use

Room 119A&B collectively has 15 six foot tables and 100 chairs, usually divided between the rooms if the room divider is in use. Extra tables may be stacked in the hall.
Users are responsible for arranging their own room setup. The McDougal Center does NOT provide setup services. Please build setup and cleanup time into your room request. If needed, arrange for HGS Custodial services to setup the room (432-6881) or arrange tables and chairs yourself. You must tidy the room and remove trash when the event is over.
Will food be served (see ? for info):  
You are welcome to use your choice of caterer or food service.  We also encourage using catering from HGS Dining Hall for functions in room 119- contact the HGS Dining Hall Manager 432-0448.

Will alcohol be served?
If serving alcohol, you must enforce all state laws and university policies, partcularly those prohibiting serving alcohol to anyone under 21 years of age.

Media Equipment  Required (all built-in to each podium in rooms 119A&B):
Note: Users must provide their own laptop. The McDougal Center provides in-room equipment free of charge, however, users are responsible for operating any equipment requested. 

Requestor & Event Contacts

Due to high demand for space use, the McDougal Graduate Student Center books rooms for events that directly serve or involve Graduate Students or are organized by registered Graduate Students groups.
Status at Yale:
Each group or event should also designate an event coordinator, a person who will be present for the setup, operation and cleanup of the event in the McDougal Center. This person may be the same or different from the requesting contact. 

McDougal Staff Use Only