Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Yale Commencement Attendance Response Card
May 17-18, 2015

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Livestreaming of Ceremony Video online: For 2015, the University Ceremony Monday morning on Old Campus & the GSAS Diploma Ceremony at Woolsey Hall on Monday afternoon will both be videotaped and livestreamed online, for viewing in real-time and afterwards. Family and friends who are not able to attend can watch you receive your diploma online. See here.

Sunday, May 17 

2:00 pm, Graduate School Convocation, HGS Courtyard Tent, 320 York Street.

Student prizes and faculty mentor prizes awarded. Remarks by Dean Cooley & Graduate Mentor Award winners. All are welcome, no tickets needed; academic regalia is not required. Followed by Dean's Reception in McDougal Common Room at HGS with light refreshments. 

Monday, May 18

9:00 am, Coffee & Robing - Graduates & Guests Assemble, HGS Courtyard

9:25am Procession from HGS. Guests Proceed to Old Campus

9:40am, Cross Campus Degree Candidates assemble under signs indicating their degree.

10:30 am, Old Campus, corner High and Elm University Commencement exercises, Old Campus. No tickets required. Ceremony is streamed live at

Approximately 12:15 pm, Graduate School Diploma Ceremony, Woolsey Hall 

Ph.D., M.Phil. and MA/MS diplomas awarded by Dean Cooley and faculty representatives from each department or degree program. Followed by Dean’s luncheon for Woolsey Hall degree recipients and their guests, faculty and staff, in the HGS courtyard Tent and HGS rooms. No tickets required for ceremony but you must complete this online form to receive your diploma in person or by mail. This Diploma Ceremony is streamed live at

*Students receiving master’s degrees from the Macmillan Center for International & Area Studies and Jackson Institute (Global Affairs, AS, EAS, ERS) and the Economic Growth Center (IDE) receive their diplomas in a ceremony held at Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Avenue. A reception follows at Luce Hall.

Degree Recipient Information & Current Address

A mailing adddress and alternate email is helpful for future communications.  If mailing is requested, December degree recipients may be mailed their diplomas starting in January, based on submission of this response form. May degree recipients will be mailed their diplomas in June following the diploma ceremony.

Address after June 10th (Diploma Address)

Degree(s) Information

Degree(s) Date
Degree(s) Expected
NOTE: BA/MA and BS/MS degree candidates usually receive their GSAS diploma at the ceremony at their undergraduate residential college. All other GSAS degrees are awarded at the Graduate School ceremonies at Woolsey and Luce hall on Monday.

Graduate School Commencement Convocation

Sunday, May 17th
2:00pm -- Convocation, HGS courtyard Tent, 320 York Street.
This ceremony, presided over by Graduate School Dean Cooley, recognizes student prize winners and faculty mentor prize recipients, and features an address by a distinguished faculty member or alumnus. Followed by a reception in the McDougal Center Common Room in HGS, with light refreshments. Academic attire not required. Family and guests welcome. No tickets needed.
I shall attend the Graduate School Convocation Ceremony, Sunday

Graduate School Diploma Presentation Ceremony

Monday, May 18th
Approximately 12:15pm, Graduate School Diploma Ceremony, Woolsey Hall - immediately follows the University Ceremony on Old Campus (@10:00am).
Ph.D., M.Phil. and most MA/MS. diplomas awarded by Dean Pollard and faculty representatives from each department or degree program.
*Note: MA programs of Macmillan Center for Intl. & Areas Studies & Jackson Institute (AS, EAS, ERS, Global Affairs) and EGC (IDE) have a separate diploma ceremony at Luce Hall.
The GSAS Diploma Ceremony at Woolsey Hall will be livestreamed online. Family members and friends who can not attend may watch the ceremony online (live or afterwards online) as GSAS graduates receive their Yale diplomas.
Ceremony Attendance - Please check one

Degree recipients who do not appear in person may have their diplomas mailed or may pick up their diplomas in person from the Secretary's Diploma office in Woodbridge Hall after Commencement.

Graduate School Commencement Lunch for Woolsey Hall Ceremony Degree Recipients

Woolsey Hall ceremony: Dean's Lunch at HGS only open for Woolsey graduates & their guests.
*Luce Hall Ceremony: Separate Reception - Graduates receiving their diplomas at the Luce Hall ceremony attend a separate reception there, and should NOT fill out this section. Please contact Luce Hall commencement program coordinators for more information on the reception there.
Monday May 18th, GS Dean's Picnic Lunch for Woolsey Hall graduates ~1:30pm - HGS courtyard Tent, Common Room, and Dining Hall. 320 York Street.
Immediately following the conclusion of the GS Diploma ceremony at Woolsey, please return to HGS for the Dean's Lunch, featuring complimentary picnic bag lunches and beverages for Woolsey Hall degree recipients and their guests.
*Each cold picnic bag lunch includes a choice of turkey, beef or vegetarian/vegan sandwich, a vegetable or starch side, Yale Bakery cookie, and choice of wholefresh  fruit. Limited number of sandwiches made with kosher ingredients & salad-only Gluten free meals made in the Yale dining hall are available upon advance request. The reusable Yale bag is yours too keep.
**Note that Luce Hall MA degree recipients have a separate reception and lunch following their ceremony, so they should not complete this section.
For Woolsey Hall ceremony graduates - list the number of adult sandwich bag lunches for your party (self and guests included). Put zero or leave blank if not attending.

For Woolsey Hall ceremony graduates - list the number of children's bag lunches for your group (for children ages 1-12)? Each lunch contains a meat and a vegetarian 1/2 sandwich with children's drink and snacks.

Academic Attire Reminder

*** To participate in the Commencement Ceremonies, degree candidates must wear academic attire. They should pre-order or purchase their own academic attire (cap, gown and hood).  Submit your attendance card and see the Commencement web page for more information on Retainables/rentals and Custom Purchases.

Thank you for completing the GSAS Commencement Response form. If you have further questions, please email