Grad Student Life @ McDougal Center Registration Form for Graduate Student Organizations

Please complete and submit this form annually, preferably by October 31 of each year. This form begins the registration process with the Grad Student Life office of the McDougal Center. The Grad Life staff will review the information, and request more info or clarification if needed. As appropriate, your registration will be confirmed or denied by email in about a week.

This registration conveys no "official recognition" of your non-undergraduate group, as that is handled by the Office of the Secretary (see below). Registration with the McDougal Center does allow your group to request use of rooms in the McDougal Center, and other classrooms on campus from the FAS Registrar ( Registered grad groups may also request support and advice from the McDougal Center and other offices, like OISS and ODEO.

NOTE: Student Groups may ONLY use the word "Yale" in their group name with express permission/approval from the Office of the Secretary. New groups should register/inquire with that office FIRST about use of the name Yale. See
Yale Graduate School Students (GSAS)
Professional School Students (Law,div,etc)
Postdoctoral Fellows or Research Associates
Yale Faculty or staff
Yale College Undergraduates
Spouses or Partners
Member of the NH community
0/100 points


Registration Information

Registration with the Office of the Secretary: All non-undergraduate groups on campus are must register annually with the Office of the Secretary. This office regulates the use of the "Yale" name, collects data, and provide information about grups on campus. New groups should NOT use a name with the word "Yale" in the title until they have cleared it with this office.
If "No", please see the info online at and register with that office immediately.
These responses will be verified with the Offices of the Secretary & the University Chaplain. Your registration with Grad Life @ the McDougal Center may be held up until we receive confirmation from these offices of your group's status.

Thank you for your application to register as a Graduate Student Group with the Grad Life office of the McDougal Center, Yale Graduate School.
The Center staff will review your application and respond to it by email within 2 weeks. If approved, your group is considered registered with the McDougal Center for administrative and information purposes only.

McDougal Center Staff Use Only

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