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Cookie Costume and Reward Kit Rental Form 

Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania

Terms and Conditions (Please Read Carefully!)

Cookie costumes/Reward kits are available for renting on a first come, first served basis.  Community Cookie Liaison/troops can rent ONE COOKIE COSTUME AND/OR ONE REWARD KIT at a time. If the cookie costume or the reward kit is unavailable on the date requested, we will make our best effort to provide it on the alternate date of your choice.  The cookie costume and/or the reward kit must be picked up at the Service Center/Office nearest you during business hours *(drop-in hours or by appointment only) on the day requested; otherwise the cookie costume/reward kit will be offered to the next Community Cookie Liaison/troop on the waiting list. Cookie costumes/reward kits must be returned by *Noon *(or drop-in hours or by appointment only) on the return date otherwise the deposit will be kept by Council.

*Please note: Only the Harrisburg office is open every day. Please make an appointment to pick-up or drop-off cookie costumes/reward kits for offices that fall under the flex schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: Cookie costumes/reward kits are the property of GSHPA. There is a $25.00 deposit required (checks only) for each cookie costume/reward kit.  When terms and conditions are met, the $25.00 deposit will be returned to the renting party. If the renting party fails to return the cookie costume/reward kit, or if the cookie costume/the reward kit is returned in poor condition, the renting party will forfeit their deposit. Cookie costumes/reward kits may only be rented for a maximum of three (3) business days. Availability for the cookie costumes/reward kits are based on demand.

Additionally, if the cookie costume/reward kit is not returned to Council, the renting party will be financially responsible for the replacement and, in addition, will not receive their $25.00 deposit back. Questions? Call 1.800.692.7816 or email cookiesale@gshpa.org.

Personal Information

Requested Rental Item(s)

Requested Rental Dates

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Service Center Location Pick-up/Drop-off

Please specify one (1) of the following locations where you would like to pick up your cookie costume/reward rental kit. (Please note the below office hours, if date and time requested are not during "drop-in" office hours, an appointment must be made.Pick up at the Harrisburg Office must be during "business hours only.)

Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM ("business hours only, no appointment can be made)

Thursday 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (plus by appointment)

Montoursville, Scranton, State College & York
Tuesday & Thursday 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (plus by appointment)

Reward Kit Items

Items included in the Reward Kit are:

Keepsake Box                                      
Vanity Case                                                                                    
Daisy Belle Neck Pillow                                                     
Cookie Apron & Cookie Bowl Set             
Daisy Belle Plush                                  
Mint-to-Be T-shirt
Paisley Super Tote
Theme Patch
150+ Patch
Goal Getter Patch
CEO Patch
200+ Bar Patch
Please note: Some items are not included in the reward kit (Daisy Belle Cow Charm, Theme Park tickets, movie tickets & Food Vouchers, IPad Mini, Bike & all Camp Credits.)

Terms of Agreement

By signing this Terms of Agreement, the Renter agrees to follow the Terms and Conditions listed above, in addition:

It is understood that the reward kit will remain in the condition received and will not be repaired, restored, cleaned or altered in any way without the permission of Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania. The reward kit may not be loaned to a third party without the advance approval of GSHPA. The renter agrees to use the reward kit only for purposes of representing Girl Scouts and in agreement to abide by the Girl Scout Law. The renter is responsible for returning the reward kit within 3 business days of renting.  The renter agrees to the Terms of Agreement on this form and agrees to place a $25 deposit at the time of pick-up. The Renter agrees that Council has the right to deny the return of the $25 deposit if Renter does not follow the Terms of Agreement as stated in this agreement.
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