Laura's Hope Rescue
Box 3385
Forest Road
Hop Bottom, PA 18824
Phone: 570 280-2083

Thank you for considering rescuing an animal in need of a good home. The adoption of a life-long friend should not be impulsive, but rather a carefully-made decision which will ensure a loving, lasting relationship.

To ensure the safety and best interests of the animals we have taken into our care, we ask that everyone who is interested in adopting an animal from this rescue answer fill out this application form. Please be aware that in doing so, you are giving the volunteers of this organization the right to check your references by telephone and to come to your residence for a home visit.
Please  Read
DO NOT fill out this application if :
1. Currently, have a dog/cats in your home that is not spayed or neutered. 
2. Current dogs /cats in the household are not current with their vaccinations.
3. If any question is not answered correctly, We will not call you for the answers.
                                     Your application will be denied.

Our adoption fee is $300 per dog.   This helps cover the spaying/neutering, first shots, microchipping and transportation from the originating shelter.  If you are approved for one of our dog's that is still in foster and not at the rescue, or any other circumstances we require a $100  NONrefundable deposit  to hold the dog for you .
 Also, if you do not adopt and are approved your application is good for only 3 months from the date of submitting.
Descriptions of our dogs are as accurate as we can be.  Most of these dogs would be strays unless otherwise noted. We do not know the exact breed of the dogs and puppies nor do we know what size they will grow up to be.  All of our dogs/puppies are in foster homes for two weeks or more.  They get along with othter dogs, cats , and children. IF not it will be noted on their bio. 
They will be altered, vaccinations and microchipped. 
Owner surrender dogs who are available for adoption: fee covers application and any vetting.  The fee will vary among dogs. 
Sponsored dogs  ( money has been donated toward adoption fee) varies from amount donated.
Over the age of 5 - any donation  adopter is willing to give the rescue 
You must be 21 or older to be considered for adoption of one of our dogs.
                      *******PLEASE BE AWARE************  
If you do not provide the correct information ( for us to do our job correctly) OR you do not notify your vet to give them permission to discuss your pet's medical care,  We will not be contacting you for corrections. Your application will be denied ********
If you have any questions about our procedures or in filling out this form, help is available by contacting Grace Benson.
Laura's Hope Rescue reserves the right to deny adoption to anyone at any time for any reason. To do what is best for each animal, they are adopted on a first come first served basis at the shelter to qualified recipients only.

Please start by telling us which animal you wish to adopt, then provide the following personal information:
Who is your first reference? (no relatives please) * 
 NamePhone NumberHow Long Acquainted
Reference 1
Who is your second reference (no relatives please)? * 
 NamePhone NumberHow Long Acquainted
Reference 2
Please provide a third reference if you don't currently have a veterinarian
 NamePhone NumberHow Long Acquainted
Reference 3
What other pets do you have in your household?
TypeAge In YearsGenderSpayed/Neutered
Pet 1
Pet 2
Pet 3
Pet 4
Are all your pets up-to-date on vaccinations? If no, why not? *
Do you use Heartworm preventative on your dogs? * 
0/255 characters
Have you ever given up a pet? If yes, why? *
Do you own your home? If no, please provide the name and phone number of your landlord. *
Do you have a yard? If yes, how big is it? *
Is your yard fully fenced? If yes, what is the type and height of the fence? *
Do you have an outdoor pen/kennel? If yes, how big is it and is it covered? *
0/255 characters
Are you willing to work with the animal if a behavioral problem should arise? *
Have you ever obedience-trained a dog before? *
Are you familiar with crate training? *
Are you willing to use a crate for your new pet? *
0/255 characters
Remembering that pets are an investment of your time and money, can you afford to provide medical care, grooming, proper diet, proper shelter and exercise for your new pet? *
Do you agree to return the pet to this rescue if you find that you cannot keep the animal and provisions cannot be made for the safe keeping of this pet? *