2014 11th Annual Retailer Choice Best New Product Contest Nomination Form

Welcome to the 2014 Retailer Choice Best New Product Contest Nomination Process. This annual contest provides recognition for outstanding new products introduced and sold in the convenience retailing format—products that show innovation, uniqueness and groundbreaking advancement in a product or service category.

Anyone affiliated with the convenience channel may nominate a product. Retailers operating in the channel will vote on the top 3 finalists (based on the number of nominations per product) in selected categories. The program will not exceed a total of 30 categories/sub-categories.

Nominations MUST be received by June 13, 2014.


In order to be accepted, the new product must meet the following criteria:

  • Products released in the convenience retailing format between August 1, 2013 and July 31, 2014 will be eligible for the 2014 contest


  • Can be accepted from:
    • A supplier of a product or service sold in the convenience retailing channel
    • A company/person currently working in the convenience retailing industry
  • Nomination forms with accompanying photo must be completed in order to be included in submissions
  • CSP will accept nominations starting 2/17/14 through 6/13/14
  • Nominations are FREE


Please enter your product nomination(s) in the space provided by each category. Please include both the product name and the name of the supplier.

Maximum of five (5) nominations per form.

Nomination Form:

CSP will not rent, sell, or otherwise provide your e-mail address to any other entity
Nominations MUST be received by June 13, 2014.