College of Arts and Sciences Travel Enrichment Funding

Student Application

Travel Enrichment funds have been designated for the use of attending a conference as a presenter or to conduct research. Applications for anything other than these two purposes will not be accepted. Participation in internships, study abroad programs, summer schools, seminars and workshops are not eligible for funding.

a) a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25
b) be enrolled as a full-time student in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Memphis
c) have completed at least one semester as a full-time student at the University of Memphis
d) not have graduated before the actual travel dates indicated in the application

NOTE: Not eligible if you've been awarded Travel Enrichment funds within the last year.

Applicant must complete ALL of the following steps (a-f):

a.)  Electronically submit the Online Travel Enrichment Fund Student Application form on the following page.

b.)  Electronically submit a Statement of Intent and Purpose (additional information below), including a projected budget, the abstract title, along with the notification of acceptance by the conference, if presenting a paper and/or poster

c.)  Electronically submit a copy of abstract

d.)  Electronically submit a full citation for all publications, paper and/or poster presentations which you have been author or co-author

e.)  Electronically submit a letter of support from the advisor

f.)   Agree to participate in the program’s annual luncheon

All documents (steps b-e) should be submitted electronically to Sharon Harber at

An applicant may submit only one proposal for the designated travel period.

Application deadlines:

Fall semester  (September 1 ‐ December 31): July 15th

Spring semester  (January 1 ‐ May 15): October 15th

Summer semester  (May 16 ‐ August 31): March 15th

Questions concerning Travel Enrichment funds should be directed to Sharon Harber at 678-3051 or

Statement of Intent and Purpose:
Please submit a statement of no more than two double spaced typed pages about the travel for which you seek support: include the destination of your trip and the travel dates. (The destination and dates of travel listed in your statement must be consistent with the actual travel.) Explain the purpose and benefits of your travel. Please include a projected budget for your trip (transportation, lodging, and other expenses), along with an explanation of other university funding sources which you have applied and/or received to support your travel, this would include funding from departmental grants.

Please submit a copy of your abstract along with the notification of acceptance from the conference organizers. If the conference's submission deadline or acceptance notification is after the CAS application deadline, include this information from the conference website in your proposal packet.
Please submit full citations for any publications, paper presentations, or poster presentations for which you have been author or co-author. Full citations include title, year, author(s) in order of authorship, and name of journal/professional meeting.

Advisor's Endorsement Letter:
The Advisor's letter of support should be sent to Sharon Harber at