WSKG Education: Parent/Caregiver Survey

WSKG wants to learn more about what you, the parents & caregivers in our region, are looking for to help support your children. Please take this short survey to help inform us! We care about our community and want to offer the services that are most important to you. Thank you.

2. What is your household income level? Please choose one.
3. What are the age ranges of your children? Please choose all that apply. *
4. Does your family watch children's programming online? *
5. Would you like WSKG to offer additional hours of children's TV programming? *
6. Where do you currently obtain information on family activities occurring in the community? Choose all that apply. *
7. Do you feel that your community offers enough family-friendly events? *
8. Would you be interested in attending parent workshops from WSKG Education Department? *
9. Which topics are you interested in learning more about? Choose all that apply. *
10. Would you be interested in having your child participate in learning programs (classes, camps, learning labs, workshops, etc.) offered by WSKG Education Department? *
11. Which topics would your child be interested in learning more about through WSKG? Choose all that apply. *
12. Are you currently a member of WSKG? *
13. Which social media outlets do you use? Choose all that apply. *
14. Would you be interested in joining a WSKG Kids Club, a fee-based service that offers exclusive family events, character meet & greets, welcome package, and other goodies? *
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