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I/We the parent(s) of the above named applicant who is a candidate for participating in Teaneck Youth Basketball, Inc. hereby give my/our permission/approval of his/her participation in any and all activities of Teaneck Youth Basketball, Inc. during the curren season including post-season local, regional and national tournaments where applicable. I/We do hereby release, absolve and hold harmless Teaneck Youth Basketball, Inc. its organizers, sponsors, supervisors and coaches any and all of them. In case of injury to the applicant, I/We hereby waive any and all claims against all of those listed int he previous sentence and anyone appointed by them thereafter.  Furthermore, as required by law in the State of New Jersey, I grant permission to Teaneck Youth Basketball, Inc. to hospitalize and have an attending physician administer proper treatment resulting from an injury during participation in Teaneck Youth Basketball, Inc. activities and tournaments, if I/we are not in attendance at the event.

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$100 Instructional
$125 All other players (3rd child in same family $25)

You have chosen to pay in person at the Richard Rodda Center. Please print (CTRL-P) your e-mail confirmations or the forms for each child you are registering and present them at registration along with your check. 
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